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A humble petition to rename AnonShaw

There comes a time in every man's life where he is forced to take a stand, a sacrifice for the greater good if you will. Thus, I humbly request that the Internet do what's right and join me in an official name change. Through this name change, I hope to kick-start a cause that inspires hope to millions. That someone out there, because of our determination and hard graft, is now called 'Ron'. Now this seems like quite a mountainous task. I hear some naysayers already questioning who, if anyone, is worthy of being called such a glorious name. Well I say I have found that man: https://twitter.com/AnonShaw. If we put our minds to the job I know we can succeed in legally forcing this person to change both his real name and online nickname to Ron and make it an act punishable by death to refuse. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, to freedom!

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